Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone bid?

  • Our salvage auctions are open to the general public but we reserve the right to reject any bid.

 Do I have to register?

  • No. You may bid as a guest.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • By registering, your bids will be saved under the “My Salvage” section where you will have the ability to change or delete them. Also, your contact information will be stored, thus saving you time from re-entering your information every time you make a bid.

What do you think a particular aircraft will sell for?  

  • We do not speculate or provide guesses or estimates on the aircraft salvage we list. 

How will I know if I won the aircraft salvage auction?

  • The winning bidder will be personally notified via email within 5 business days after the close of the auction. In addition, the aircraft salvage awardee will be listed on our website.

Do you provide the successful bidder’s contact information?

  • We do not publicize the successful bidder’s contact information, but in most cases we will post the name of the awardee under “Previous Awards”.

Do you have any more photos and are the logs available for review?  

  • In most cases additional photos and log documentation can be obtained by contacting the handling adjuster whose information is provided with the aircraft details. 

Is the aircraft airworthy? 

  • We do not make any representation as to whether an item of salvage is in airworthy condition..

Has the aircraft been disassembled?

  • In most cases the aircraft has been disassembled to facilitate movement to a storage facility. It is the bidder’s responsibility to verify the current condition of the aircraft salvage prior to bidding.

Are non-USA entities or individuals allowed to bid?

  • Yes, a non USA entity or individual can bid on salvage, however the bidder is responsible for procuring proper export documents and payment must be made in US funds. Any processing fees for exchange rates are the responsibility of the buyer. The FAA bill of sale will be made out to foreign corporations.

What internet application must I use to see all the data? 

  • For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or IE10 or higher.

Can I inspect the aircraft salvage? 

  • Yes, but only visual inspections are permitted.

How are bids submitted?

  • All bids must be submitted online via the ORA aircraft salvage website. This is the only method in which bids will be accepted.

Can I change or rescind my bid(s)?

  • Yes.  Bids may be modified or rescinded until the bid closing date.  If you created an account, you can log in to “My Salvage” to rescind, change and confirm new bid amounts.  If you bid as a guest and need to change your bid, please contact our salvage support team at

When do the bids close?

  • The bids will close at 11:59pm EST on the 15th of each month, unless otherwise noted differently in the aircraft details.